We want your first visit to Abingdon Bible Church to be the best that it can be. So here are a few things to help you as you plan your visit.

Our Worship Service Starts at 10:40 a.m.

Some first time visitors come and think that the service starts at 11:00am. And they miss our greeting and welcome. Be sure to be there at 10:40am if you want to not miss anything.

16210 Elementary Dr, Abingdon, VA

We're located at 16210 Elementary Dr, Abingdon, VA 24210. This is right across from the Abingdon Elementary school on Elementary Drive.

There's two ways to get there.

If you exit off of Main Street onto Wyndale Road (right after the Rite-Aid exit), take Wyndale Road.

If you are coming on Porterfield HW, take the Elementary Drive exit across from the old Builder's Supermarket. See images below for details.

Exiting off of Wyndale Road

If you are coming from Wyndale Road, take this exit right next to the apartment complex. This puts you onto Woodland Hills Rd. This road will pass by one of the entrances of the Elementary school. Shortly after that you will see the Elementary Drive and there is a sign for our church there too.

Exiting off of Porterfield Highway

If you are on Porterfield HW, then take the exit to go onto Elementary Drive that is across from the old Builder's Supermarket.

Our Church Building

This is what our church building looks like.

We have some reserved parking spaces just for Visitors. This parking is directly outside the main entrance.

Overhead View

Most visitors enter the church building using the Main Entrance marked on the overhead map below. We have some events in the Gym. Our Wednesday night meals and the AWANA clubs are in the Gym. You can get to the Gym by going around behind the church on the lower level. You can also get to the Gym by entering on the top level and going down the stairs through the Welcome Center.

Floorplan of the Main Building

This is the floorplan of the Main building where the Sanctuary is and where we meet for morning worship. If you enter the Main Entrance, there should be some Greeters there to help you find a Sunday School class or direct you to the worship service. The nursery is just around the corner and down the hall from the main entrance, colored in green on the map below. Most of the Children's Sunday School classes are in rooms that are in the Gym building. You can get to that building from the inside by going down the hall towards the nursery and turning right and going through the Welcome Center area.

Other Things You Should Know:

  • There's a place for you at Abingdon Bible Church.
  • We won't make you wear a name tag!
  • No one is going to come knock on your door after your visit - unless you ask us to.
  • If you come for the Sunday School hour, most classes have coffee.
  • We'd like to encourage you in your walk with Christ.

If you would like someone to meet you and show you around, please contact our church office before your visit and we will make arrangements for someone to greet you and help you find where to go.

Latest Video Sermon:

At Abingdon Bible Church, the preaching and systematic teaching of God's holy Word is at the center of our corporate gatherings. Come join us and become a student the Bible for life. However, if you can't join us for whatever reason, we have many of the sermons from our regular worship services archived here on our website. We trust that you'll benefit from them as much as we have already.

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There's something for every age group. From Bible study and sports activities to just plain fun and games, the Children's Ministries at Abingdon Bible Church will help you to raise up your child in the way that they should go. Weekly activities and seasonal events for all age groups of children and youth. Check out our Children's Ministries page for more information.

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Hey! I'm New, Where do I go?

If you are new to the Abingdon area, or if you are visiting our church for the first time, we'd like to help you. We've put together a special page just for you. Click the arrow to continue.

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