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Many people are concerned about what sort of music style they will experience in a particular church. Reasons for this concern vary widely. Some folks feel that style is the most important issue relating to our musical worship. Others in evangelical circles have said that style doesn't matter at all. We believe that style doe matter, but it is certainly not of first importance.

Here at Abingdon Bible Church you will find an intentional mixing of styles - from previous centuries, to previous decades, to hot off the presses. One of the reasons for this is our recognition that there are great works that have been written in many of the styles and genres that the church has lived through up to today. Older is not better. Newer is not better. Better is better. Here, we have a wide variety of members from a wide variety of backgrounds and this will naturally result in a wide variety of preferences.

But style does not govern our selection of music...


1) Does it teach?

If something happened and the preacher was not able to preach on a given Sunday, would the singing portion of the service still have taught us richly from God's Word? A song is a good candidate for our services if it uses its few short minutes rehearsing rich gospel-saturated doctrine that motivates us to meditate on what we believe (Col. 3:16). There has been a great and exciting resurgence of theological depth and richness in contemporary music over the past 5-10 years.

2) Does it admonish?

In its teaching, does the song also call us to action? Does it confront us with our need for repentence and God's grace in order to change and grow? If the songs we're singing do not confront us with our ongoing sin problem, then they are reflecting only half of the good news of Christianity (Col. 3:16). In our church, we intentionally sing about the wrath of God against sin, the suffering of Christ and His shed blood on the cross, of our spiritual death before salvation, and of our current inner struggle between the old man and the new man. Songs that treat these topics in balance with grace, love, and mercy are songs that portray the gospel in its fulness.

3) Does it promote congregational participation?

We sing because we want to worship together. Some songs meet the first two criteria, but for various reasons (a difficult melody or a complex rythym, for example) they are difficult to sing together as a group. Both Col. 3:16 and Eph. 5:19 describe corporate singing as a vital ingredient for our gatherings. If we keep this as a primpary goal, then the result of good participation in our singing will be a mutual strengthening in our walks with Christ.


1) Sunday Worship Team:

Our Sunday Worship team is a regular rotation of volunteers who play instruments and/or sing. We always welcome those who want to use their musical gifts to help lead the congregation in heart-felt participation.

2) Special Music:

Each week we allow some time during the offering collection for a person to bless the church family with a piece of worship music. Sometimes this piece is instrumental, and sometimes the volunteer will sing.

3) Youth Worship Team:

Each Wednesday night during the AWANA season (Fall through Spring), we have a Wednesday night youth worship service. This provides an opportunity for youth (and youth leaders) to use their musical gifts to help lead the group in singing. There is also a training component in view here with the goal of seeing these teens gain skills and experience needed to begin helping in the adult service on Sundays once they feel they're ready.

If you're interested in serving in our music ministries, please contact Pastor Kevin through the church office. (contact us page)

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